About David Conklin & Linda Townsend

David Conklin

I inherited the passion for photography at the age of eight, where I learned to use my father's cast-off professional cameras. He had been the first photo editor of the Peace Corps, and taught me the art of unobtrusive, documentary-style photojournalism. Growing up in Washington, DC, I was fortunate to also have the expert guidance of several Black and White printers. This not only enabled me to become a master printer myself, but it gave me a good foundation for creating digital B&W images that are every bit as good as traditional photographs.

When I photograph a wedding, I treat it as a photo essay made up of many "decisive moments." I believe that every image should stand on its own, and tell a story to the viewer. I also believe that it is important not to influence the day with my presence any more than is absolutely necessary. Great candid images are much harder to make than people realize, requiring patience, timing, and the ability to blend in with the surroundings. Most comments that I receive are to this effect, that they were not aware that a photographer was working.

I moved from the Midwest nineteen years ago, and feel blessed to be located in Port Townsend. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your photographic needs.


Linda Townsend

Linda Townsend

Hello my name is Linda and I want to be your framer!

I make the process fun and the final presentation beautiful. I've been framing professionally in Port Townsend since 1997. I have a huge selection of classic frames as well as the newest industry offerings. I offer conservation framing for archival protection and a thorough knowledge of framing techniques for creative problem solving. Come see me weekday afternoons in the studio or call for an appointment.